“I absolutely loved Ginger’s partnering class! I never expected to be able to create such a strong connection with another dancer. Ginger was great in every aspect of it, all the exercises made sense and the closing exercise was beautiful. 11 out of 10 for this class, it was something very new and awesome for me."


Ginger’s class is an environment for dancers to explore their physical possibilities and imagination in dance. Pulling from her diverse background in jazz, modern and ballet, Ginger’s athletic style puts a tweak in the conventional dance vocabulary and creates a unique way to move. iDANZ Critix Corner quotes, “Cox explores movement in an unpredictable way.” Ginger uses her love of all styles of dance, and infuses her extensive studies in anatomy and kinesiology, to teach dancers how to train their bodies with greater awareness for healthy, optimal dancing. Her technically based warm up strengthens and stretches the body on all planes. It incorporates weight exchange, off center work, core stability and dynamic balances, all smoothly transitioned together. The across floor exercises emphasizes direction changes, turns, jumps, musicality and style. Ginger’s diverse range of combination genres is always different and accompanied by a broad spectrum of interesting,  distinct music.

Ginger encourages dancers to have an inquisitive, open mind and to express choreography with creativity and independence. Her class is inspirational, supportive, and a fun atmosphere!


Jumps and Turns

This class offers a different approach to train and develop consistent, clean turns and powerful jumps.


Partnering improvisation

Improvisation exercises explore weight, shapes, contact, lifts, and space to build innovative, creative duets.


Anatomy and Kinesiology for Dancers

This class gives the dancer information and the tools to use anatomy in dance movement  more efficiently to achieve better technique and overall dancing.


  • Jazz, contemporary jazz, modern jazz, lyrical, jumps and turns, improvisation, partnering, choreography composition, warm up technique, stretch, and dancing with props


  • Body awareness: functional exercises for dancers, movement dysfunction analysis




Adv Beg Contemp Jazz - 12:00-1:30



Jumps & Turns - 4:30-6:00


Int Contemp Jazz - 10:30-12:00


Adv Beg Contemp Jazz - 4:30-6:00


For additional classes:



             PACE UNIVERSITY

             Jazz, Anatomy for Dancers








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