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Ginger Cox

Dance Educator/Choreographer

Pace University Adjunct Associate Professor

Broadway Dance Center Faculty

 NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist & Certified Personal Trainer


"Ginger's teaching and passion for the subject are tangible. Her explanations were lucid and easy to understand and truly very enlightening."  Kalanidhi Dance


About Me

Ginger holds a Masters Degree in Kinesiology from ATSU, and a BFA in Dance, from Temple University

and is on faculty at Pace University, Broadway Dance Center (BDC), and Harkenss Dance Center in New York City.  She is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer and has presented seminars at the Bill Evan's 6th Annual Somatic Dance Conference, the Dance Science and Somatics Educators Conference, and Adrienne Clancy's Dance Educators Training Institute. Ginger created the Dancing Anatomy Workshops to share her passion for kinesiology and help dancers learn the science of anatomy, related to dance, in a functional way to improve their technique and approach to movement.


Described as "dedicated and inspiring," Ginger has taught her dynamic style of dance throughout Europe, Mexico, Japan, Danse Encore Festival in (Quebec), at the Earl Mosley Summer Institute, Joffrey Contemporary Program Texas, the Alvin Ailey Arts/Education Program and many conventions and private studios.

Her choreography is “absorbing and inventive, choreography with amusing creativity” (Jazz Dance E-news) and continues to receive rave reviews. She has choreographed for NIKE, the NJ Nets Dancers, recording artist Lijie, Wise Fruit, the Brooklyn Dance Festival, and was one of 10 chosen to present work in the Elan Awards, honoring Mr. Lar Lubavich. Her work was commissioned by Dancing Wheels Company, Collaborative Movement Dance, Japan's Hanayashiki show, and several industrials. As the Artistic Director of LiNK! the movement, her work was presented at WaxWorks, the 60X60 musician collaboration, DRA Remember Project, the Queens Fringe Festival, Young Choreographers Festival, the Independent film Reflections, and in the NuDance Festival, where the NY Times quoted “the selection of choreographers was unusually good.” Ginger has also choreographed for a female bodybuilder and fitness enthusiasts. 

Ginger is an Advisory Board member for the Young Choreographers Dance Festival and Faculty Advisory Board for BDC. She has contributed to articles in Dance Teacher Magazine, Dance Spirit, Dance Informa, Jazz Pulsions, and has developed curriculum for several 

education programs at BDC.

Ginger is a featured article in this month's Dance Informa Magazine! Read the Article here.

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Upcoming Events

  • Turns and ...
    Thu, Jan 09
    San Francisco
    Jan 09, 2025, 11:30 AM
    San Francisco, CA, USA
    I miss Turns
  • Turns and Technique
    Thu, Feb 06
    San Francisco
    Feb 06, 2025, 10:00 AM
    San Francisco, CA, USA
    fun Times
  • Dancing Anatomy
    Mon, Mar 17
    Mar 17, 2025, 5:00 PM
    Foot Workshop

Dancing Anatomy


Dancing Anatomy Workshops are created to teach the musculoskeletal anatomy in a relatable, applicable way. Each workshop addresses a different topic and held in an intimate setting. Prior to each workshop, Ginger asks each participant to prepare specific questions or areas of interests within the subject, so she can address the needs of every participant.

The workshops are open to dancers, dance Educators, athletes, and anyone interested in learning more about kinesiology, and muscles in motion.

No prior knowledge of anatomy required!

Contact Ginger to hold a Dancing Anatomy Workshop at your studio! 



Ginger’s class is an environment for dancers to explore their physical possibilities and imagination in dance. Pulling from her diverse background in jazz, modern and ballet, Ginger’s athletic style puts a tweak in the conventional dance vocabulary and creates a unique way to move. iDANZ Critix Corner quotes, “Cox explores movement in an unpredictable way.” Ginger uses her love of all styles of dance, and infuses her extensive studies in anatomy and kinesiology, to teach dancers how to train their bodies with greater awareness for healthy, optimal dancing. Her technically based warm up strengthens and stretches the body on all planes. It incorporates weight exchange, off center work, core stability and dynamic balances, all smoothly transitioned together. The across floor exercises emphasizes direction changes, turns, jumps, musicality and style. Ginger’s diverse range of combination genres is always different and accompanied by a broad spectrum of interesting,  distinct music. 

Ginger encourages dancers to have an inquisitive, open mind and to express choreography with creativity and independence. Her class is inspirational, supportive, and a fun atmosphere!

Jumps and Turns

This class offers a different approach to train and develop consistent, clean turns and powerful jumps.

Partnering improvisation

Improvisation exercises explore weight, shapes, contact, lifts, and space to build innovative, creative duets.

Anatomy and Kinesiology for Dancers

This class gives the dancer information and the tools to use anatomy in dance movement  more efficiently to achieve better technique and overall dancing.


  • Jazz, contemporary jazz, modern jazz, lyrical, jumps and turns, improvisation, partnering, choreography composition, warm up technique, stretch, and dancing with props

  • Body awareness: functional exercises for dance